• Image of 25oz S&D Reusable Water Bottles
  • Image of 25oz S&D Reusable Water Bottles
  • Image of 25oz S&D Reusable Water Bottles
  • Image of 25oz S&D Reusable Water Bottles

We've selected our all-time favourite reusable cup company (frank green) and smacked our "Eat Vegan" Neon sign on it, to help you proclaim to the hydration pushers of the world... you love eating plants and you care about not participating in the use of single use products, like non biodegradable/non recyclable coffee cups and plastic bottles.

In a world of reusable coffee cups... Some bonuses on why this cup is WAY BETTER than the rest...
CafePay enabled so you can pay for your coffee with your cup and be rewarded for your loyalty
100% Australian owned, made and designed
Clever one handed, push button operation opens and closes the spill resistant lid
The drinking hole is designed for optimum liquid flow
Made from premium quality materials that are stain and odour resistant - taste your coffee and not your cup
Safe and secure screw down lid
Smart double walled thermo plastic outer layer keeps your coffee hotter for longer
Designed to accommodate regular (230ml) and large (340ml) coffee sizes
BPA free and non-toxic
Non-slip grip so it feels great in your hand
Comfortably fits in all standard cup holders
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
Recyclable at end of life

A little more about Frank Green:
At frank green, we know that buying bottled water and using single use coffee cups is a waste of the earth’s resources (and of our money), so when we couldn’t find a coffee cup or water bottle that ticked all our boxes, we decided to make our own.

Not only are frank green products good for the environment – being made from recyclable materials and reducing the use of single use bottled water and coffee cups – they’re also great for your health, being made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials. frank green is also 100% Australian owned, with all products designed and manufactured in Melbourne. Not only does that mean a reduction of our carbon footprint, but it ensures ongoing work for local businesses, supporting their livelihoods and our economy.

Why single use bottled water and coffee cups are a waste of the earth’s resources (and of your money):
Bottled water costs almost 4,000 times more than tap water. One litre of tap water costs a fraction of a cent, but bottled water can cost up to $5 per litre - Australians spend more than half a billion dollars every year on bottled water.
It takes an enormous amount of energy and non-renewable petrochemicals to get water from the source and to make disposable bottles. Refrigeration and recycling costs add even more to the energy footprint.
Single-use plastic water bottles can take over 1,000 years to degrade, and we only recycle around one third of what we use. The rest ends up in landfill as waste, or in the ocean as marine debris, often killing wildlife.
Australians throw away over 1 billion single use coffee cups every year which end up in our landfill, as we lack the infrastructure to recycle the polyethelene inner of the single use cup.
Thousands of café’s are now part of The Responsible Café initiative, which means you receive a discount on your coffee each time you use your SmartCup by frank green.

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